Kelly Santini – Corporate Branding: Establishing a unique positioning

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Kelly Santini – Corporate Branding: Establishing a unique positioning

For an Ottawa law firm, it can be difficult to stand out among heavy competition. Kelly Santini LLP tasked us with creating a campaign that would reinforce their positioning as a premier legal firm with young, energetic, and talented lawyers with broad expertise.

Our first step was an exhaustive complete review to determine where Kelly Santini LLP fit within the Ottawa marketplace and if it aligned with their business and communications objectives. Following this, our team worked to distinguish Kelly Santini as a firm with the ability to accommodate wide-ranging requests for legal services. Keeping this in mind, a branding campaign was created that consisted of a corporate brochure, fanfolds, print ads, and a highly targeted invitation to the firm’s open house reception. The ads were so in line with the firm’s culture that they were adapted to posters to be displayed in their office. A new website that was launched concurrently extended this positioning. To further instill a sense of community, we also created material highlighting the company’s sponsorship of the Special Olympics.

The campaign generated plenty of awareness in the marketplace and provided an influx of new customers into the firm. This law firm branding campaign not only won several regional awards but also had a hand in the firm increasing its size by 50% over the next two years.

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