St. Lawrence College – Inside SLC: Increasing student engagement

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St. Lawrence College – Inside SLC: Increasing student engagement

St. Lawrence College (SLC) was looking for a fun way to boost engagement and increase attendance to their 2010 open houses in Kingston, Brockville, and Cornwall. To gain the most social traction, we helped create a crowdsourcing video and photo contest themed Inside SLC.

The contest encouraged students to take photos and create videos about why SLC is a great school and upload the content to an app on SLC’s Facebook page. Others were then encouraged to vote for their favourite entries. These photos and videos highlighted SLC’s most impressive qualities and positioned the college as an excellent option for prospective students.

Over the course of our student recruitment campaign, the number of “likes” on SLC’s Facebook page increased by 27% (1,772 to 2,254). The students’ photos and videos garnered thousands of votes, and throughout the contest there was a total of 6,096 unique users.

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